Working on this post has been a long time coming. I really didn’t know how to talk about something I’m still not comfortable with on a day to day basis. But I believe that’s the whole point. Collectively, we’re all not always content and happy with how we look or how we feel. Works in progress is what we are. Constantly. If we have stopped evolving, we have stopped living. I’m excited to share a few sentiments I have around my size and what it’s been like seeing my body go from a size 27 (size 6) to a size 34 (size 12-14) over just a few short years.

Thank you once again for allowing me this space to share and be show up completely as myself. You give me that opportunity and you’re here for it. I couldn’t be more grateful.


Size 6 — strong, beautiful, happy

Size 12 — still strong, still beautiful, still happy